3-D Engineering Corporation a Part of the Action

Recently 3-D Engineering was featured in the September issue of the Valley News, a local Temecula paper. The article titled “3-D Engineering Corporation: a part of the action”.  Article, written by Sandra Shrader, describes how the company is leading in the development of new and advanced technologies.

3-D Engineering is partnered with a number of Fortune 500 companies and has been awarded several government contracts that showcase their ability to develop cutting edge technologies and products.  Linda Luoma, President of 3-D, states “Some of the challenges that big companies encounter can be overcome by the efficiency of a company like ours with a proven product development process.” The company has faced many diverse challenges in finding ways to turn their customers’ ideas into reality, yet they have continued to outperform their customers’ expectations.

Holly Grosenbach Business Operations Manager pictured with Linda Luoma President

Linda continues with “Our customers come to 3-D Engineering with complex ideas and requirements. In the 14 years of operation, we have achieved an outstanding record in meeting their high standards of excellence.

3-D Engineering has become a big player in many technologically advanced industries, such as Optics, Aerospace, Government, Commercial and Space. The company’s innovation and hard work are just part of the reasons why 3-D Engineering has been so successful over the years.

To read the complete article, visit the Valley News website at http://www.myvalleynews.com/story/73354/

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